Peacock Themed Birthday Party

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, my kids love birthday parties and party planning. They choose their birthday party themes months ahead, and it remains one of the main topics of conversation until the actual event.

This year my daughter chose a very original theme for her 8th birthday party. Actually, the theme was chosen by her in 2015 already. She’s still over the moon about her awesome party and so glad to have spent the day with her school friends and cousins, that she has not YET mentioned her 9th birthday party theme. Waiting to see how long that lasts! My family always remind me, that they get it from their mom. I love party planning, and hence the kids will love it as well. So as always, I prepared a variety of themed baked treats, from scratch.

Before her birthday party, I prepared 2 cakes for her on the night of her actual birthday which was during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan. We enjoying the cakes after Iftar (breaking of the fast) with her aunts, uncles, cousins and her Grandmother. I prepared a Lindt Chocolate Mousse cake as well as a Candy themed and filled mousse cake, prices available here.

Now back to the Peacock Party! As her birthday is in the heart of winter, I always need to find a suitable indoor venue. This year we opted for the Iziko Planetarium and Museum. We hired out the Planetarium Foyer as the party venue, and the kids enjoyed the Planetarium show at 12h00. The venue is quite private, and on the lower ground floor level away from the rest of the museum and planetarium   guests. I opted for this venue, because I could do ALL the catering myself and no extra charge was allocated for bringing in food and beverages. The venue hire fee is reasonable in comparison to some other venues, and the entrance fee for the kids includes the planetarium show. The kids also enjoyed a tour through the museum before the show.

Peacock themed party, with teal and purple decor

For the birthday cake, I prepared a special two tier peacock themed cake. The cake was a fondant covered chocolate cake prepared using my moist chocolate cake recipe. The themed peacock topper was handmade out of fondant, and the feathers purchased.

I also prepared a special peacock themed cupcake cake. The cake was decorated with teal and purple coloured cream cheese frosting and some fondant trimmings.

Also on the cake table were some of my other favourite sweet treats. These included; cake push pops, with carrot cake filling and cream cheese frosting; dark chocolate brownies topped with almond slices; sweet filled jars and some teal and purple coloured popcorn boxes to match the theme. I must add that I was rather lucky to find peacock print serviettes which perfectly matched the table decor! Before leaving, the kids received an individually boxed cupcake as the party favour.


We also served some savoury platters, cocktail roll platters, and other snacks and beverages with the help of my siblings 😀💖 My daughter wore a teal coloured “princess” dress with matching cream cloak made by Gadija of Gee whizz creations. You can find her Facebook Page here. The kids as well as the adults enjoyed the party to the max and her friends seemed happily entertained throughout the party. My daughter was extremely happy and grateful, and a happy child makes a happy mommy. So all in all, it was a great success, Alhumdulilah (Praise be to God).


For any other information on stockists or for inquires, please email me directly at or Whats App me on 084 399 7446

Happy Party Planning! xoxo Rushanah



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